Longhorn Great Says Brown Must Go

Published on 1-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Longhorn Great Says Brown Must Go

Everyone has added their two cents about the Mack Brown situation.

Add former Texas running back Earl Campbell to the list.

Campbell think it's time for the 62-year-old coach to go and thinks Texas should do like USC did with Lane Kiffin.

"Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen," Campbell said. "I'd go on record and say 'yes I think it's time.'

"I'd just say this, I take my hat off for USC for what they've done. They didn't mess around with it. They just said 'let's do it now.'  I think at some point, our university's people are going to have make a decision.

Campbell didn't bite his tongue, did he? He also thinks the problem with Brown may be his age.

"Some people get too old," he continued. "If players get too old to play a game, why can't a coach get too old to coach it?"

You know things are getting hot for Brown when even former players are coming out against you.

Campbell is not saying anything that probably hasn't already been said about the beleaguered coach, but what's interesting is how vocal so many people are becoming.

When the support of fans and alumni goes, it's only a matter of time before the administration follows. Just ask Lane Kiffin.

But it gets worse for Brown. The current adminstration is also on its way out, and a new AD will want the program to rise or fall with his own dude.