Limp Wrist Slap from Big Ten on FingerGate

Published on 4-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Limp Wrist Slap from Big Ten on FingerGate

Lost in all hoopla that took place down south last Saturday was a little incident that happened in the Michigan-Ohio State game.

The contest itself took a momentary backseat when a fight broke out between Buckeyes offensive lineman Marcus Hall, running back Dontre Wilson, and Michigan linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone.

All three were kicked out of the game, but Hall didn't leave the field without letting the fans in Ann Arbor know how he felt about them.

Hall flips off Michigan fans

As you can tell, Hall was not exactly pleased with being ejected. What is surprising is that neither the Big Ten or Ohio State has taken any real action against Hall. Wait a minute! I thought that Big Ten and Ohio State were above this kind of thing?

OK, it happened in the first half, and by the letter of the rule, his suspension would only be for the next half. It's crazy that the suspension coincides with the ejection, but that's the NCAA rule book for you.

I guess the Ohio State University and the Big Ten think it only applies when they don't a team involved in a national championship hunt. 

Can you say hypocrites?