Like Father, Like Son

Published on 10-May-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Like Father, Like Son
Sophomore Oklahoma Sooners Kendal Tompson quarterback was arrested Friday morning after being found asleep on a hill.
A hill? Well, that in itself isn't a crime, but when you add the fact that he was reeking with the fragrance of alcohol and was unable to be roused by the police, that's when the trouble starts.
So will Thompson's proprieties be of any consequence to the Sooners?
Who knows? Thompson is one of three contenders fighting to become the supereminent quarterback. A lot lies on what Bob Stoops regards as important talent, or reputation. Does Stoops or Oklahoma want Thompson to be the ambassador of the team? As with most stories like this, time will only tell.
Are you ready for the strange twist?
Kendal Thompson is the son of Charles Thompson.  
Who is Charles Thompson?
Charles was famous -- or infamous -- for adorning the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing an orange jumpsuit after being arrested for selling cocaine. He, too, was a quarterback for Oklahoma under Barry Switzer.  
While both are miscreants, the nature of their wrongdoings is quite different.
Will history repeat itself? Will it be a like father, like son scenario?
Hopefully, Thompson the Younger's life decisions won't decline to the point of committing a serious crime like his dad. Let's hope Thompson is just being a stupid 20-year-old college kid. That being said, drinking isn't exactly a big deal. It's generally what college kids do. It's the mega-drinking that gets stupid.
Fortunately, since his incident, Charles Thompson has stayed out of trouble and turned his mistakes into a positive. In this way, maybe the younger Thompson can imitate his dad:
Learning from mistakes, not repeating them. And making the most of opportunities college athletics can afford.