Les Miss: Twitter Grenade Frags Faux Reporter

Published on 4-Mar-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Les Miss: Twitter Grenade Frags Faux Reporter

If you were like me and bored as hell Saturday night, you may have ventured over to Twitter for entertainment, and boy, did you find it.

The Twitterverse was exploding with the news that LSU football coach Les Miles was going to resign Monday because he allegedly had an affair with an LSU student.

Of course, being the responsible sportswriter that I am, I took a great deal of interest in all of this, especially after what happened to former Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino and his motorcycle chick. Living and breathing in SEC country makes you aware that anything -- and I mean anything -- can happen.

But as the evening went on, the rumor proved to be untrue. Apparently, the gossip of Les Miles' unsubstantiated affair was started on an anything-goes Alabama message board and picked up by some wanna-be sports writer trying to get noticed. Guess what? It worked. The dude allegedly picked up 30,000 followers (although even that is now questionable) all because of a rumor.

As I said, if you live in the SEC, nothing surprises you. From the Mike Price story years ago at Alabama to Petrino, there is always a possibility of a coach thinking with another body part. And hey, as crazy as Les Miles is, nothing would have surprised me, but it would be nice if writers do a little something called research before they run with a sleazy rumor and feed the hopes of desperate SEC football fans looking for blood in the water this off-season.