Les Miles: I have No Idea How Many Drug Tests Honey Badger Failed

Published on 19-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Les Miles: I have No Idea How Many Drug Tests Honey Badger Failed

One thing is bankable about LSU head coach Les Miles: he's as candid as it gets.

When asked by the NFL Network how many drug tests Tryann Mathieu failed at LSU, Miles replied, “I don’t really have the numbers there. I would be remiss to comment on a number."

Hey, at least the coach is honest. He didn't try to BS and pretend that he actually cared or kept up with Mathieu's drug status, although he did say LSU did all it could to help Mathieu.

"I can tell you this: We have tested, re-tested, completely tested and tested twice in weeks at times. So just because there’s a number reported, I don’t know if that would be low or high, to be honest with you, and I can only tell you that it was based on our ability to treat and help. I don’t really know exactly what Ty’s specifics were, but I stand by our policy, and it really did help -- in some way -- identify a problem.”

If so, it sounds like the problem is stopping at the identifying stage. If anything else was done after that, it obviously didn't work.

Miles, of course, tried to praise Mathieu's abilities and work ethic like any coach would for his player, but the question here is not whether or not he can play, but whether he his the discipline to play in the NFL. Up there, you don't get ten chances to clean up your drug habit.