Lamar Jackson Swallowed Whole By LSU

Published on 3-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Lamar Jackson Swallowed Whole By LSU

Lamar Jackson is an insanely talented college football player, a fact that should be beyond dispute.

However, he can't do everything, and his high-powered Louisville offense is no longer a mystery to opposing teams.

The most recent example of this occurred at the always highly anticipated Citrus Bowl, as LSU absolutely devoured Jackson and the Cardinals.

Even with Buffalo Wild Wings as the corporate sponsor, the Tigers were still hungry come game time, feasting on the athletic Heisman trophy winner and leaving only a carcass behind.

The stench was great.

LSU won the game, 29-9, but that score doesn't fully convey how dominant the Tigers defense was, nor does it explain the complete bewilderment of Jackson.

That's a bit more appropriate.

Louisville entered the game averaging 42.5 points per, but actually failed to reach the end zone against the Tigers, settling for three useless field goals.

Jackson posted video-game numbers in 2016, but was held under 200 yards of total offense by LSU.

Of course, the Cardinals had already been figured out by Houston back in November, with Jackson only finding the end zone once and being sacked a mind boggling 11 times in a 36-10 rout.

LSU showed some restraint by comparison, sacking Jackson a mere eight times, including once for a safety.

Fortunately for Jackson and head coach Bobby Petrino, the Cardinals don't play the SEC on a regular basis.

Louisville was obviously exposed at the end of the season, but reinforcements are on the way next year to lend Jackson a much deserved hand.

That offensive line could certainly use some work.