Kirk Herbstreit Comfortably Inserts Foot in Mouth on Live TV

Published on 17-Nov-2015 by Raoul Duke

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Kirk Herbstreit Comfortably Inserts Foot in Mouth on Live TV

Oklahoma and Baylor put on quite a show Saturday night, with the Sooners taking down the previously unbeaten Bears 44-34 in Waco.

While the game itself was fantastic, usually sane broadcast analyst Kurt Herbstreit provided one of the more entertaining moments of the evening.

With Baylor down by three in the fourth quarter, Bears safety Terrell Burt fell to the ground with an apparent injury. A subsequent replay showed Burt’s teammate Ryan Reid emphatically telling him to go down, and even physically assisting him.

Check this out:

Yes, that does look awfully suspicious.

Herbstreit was seemingly enraged at the possible subterfuge and preceded to carry on for several minutes, using words such as “bush league”, “awful”, and “unethical”.

Have another listen if you like, particularly at the way he seems to morph into a 12-year old girl, as his voice continues to rise.

That is good stuff.

This tale has an interesting post-script, though.

After the game, it was revealed that Burt had been attempting to play through an ankle injury and that Reid was forcing him to the turf in an effort to get him out of the game. So, not only was Burt not shaming himself, the game of football, or Kirk Herbstreit, he was actually gutting out an injury.


Herbstreit, to his credit, did apologize via Twitter, probably feeling silly. In a business filled with hacks, Herbstreit is actually one of the more consistently good talents. Not so much this time though.

The moral to this story, boys and girls, is to get your facts straight before publicly condemning someone.

Oh, and don’t use your 12-year old girl voice.