Kiffin Interviewing for Bama's OC Job

Published on 9-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Kiffin Interviewing for Bama's OC Job

Remember when we reported a few weeks ago that Lane Kiffin was visiting Alabama coach Nick Saban?

Well, apparently there was a huge reason why.

Kiffin was consulting Saban on the Alabama offense. Word came late Wednesday night that offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier left Alabama for Michigan, who surprisingly outbid the Tide for his services.

At the time that Kiffin was in Tuscaloosa, no one put two and two together that Nussmeier might be moving on, but obviously he was.

Perhaps there was a reason the Wolverines were able to make a higher offer. Alabama at times this season stalled on offense and got considerable criticism for not running the football in certain situations (see Oklahoma game). The Tide also finished eighth in the SEC in total offense.

But to see Lane Kiffin's name mentioned for the Alabama job has a few Bama fans on edge. Kiffin's one year run at Tennessee, made him Public Enemy No 1 among Tide fans.

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Say what you will about Kiffin, he's still a big name in college football, and as one fan pointed out, he is a hell of a recruiter.

He would also bring a swagger to the program and a take a little bit of the spotlight off of Gus Malzahn. Plus, he and Saban apparently are on the same page when it comes to offensive play calling.

The question is, how will he work with Saban, who's known as a taskmaster? They do have typical coaching habits in common, though, such as keeping late hours at the office. 

So, maybe Saban hiring Kiffin wouldn't be such a bad idea. Crazier things have happened. Just ask Louisville