Kiffin in Tuscaloosa, Visiting with Saban

Published on 16-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Kiffin in Tuscaloosa, Visiting with Saban

The last time Lane Kiffin was in Tuscaloosa, he was the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, watching his team's potentially game-winning kick blocked by Terrance Cody -- for the second time that afternoon -- to preserve what became Alabama's national championship season in 2009.

According to and ESPN, Kiffin is down in Tuscaloosa today, visiting Nick Saban and helping him re-evaulate his offense.

Huh? Exactly. You heard correctly.

Kiffin visiting Saban

Sports makes the strangest bedfellows. Kiffin is not exactly beloved by anyone in the SEC, especially by Tennessee fans in a state where legislation was introduced to name a sewage treatment plant after him. He's also got a 'special' place in the hearts of Alabama fans, too. My guess is there's more to Kiffin's visit than that.

He wants a job and who better to help him get it than the godfather himself, Nick Saban, whose agent just brokered him a sweet $2 million raise from Alabama. If he can do that, he can  surely work a miracle and Kiffin find a job. 

Hey Lane, I heard Texas has an opening.

And yes, we know Saban's new deal with the Crimson Tide has no buyout clause. Talk about hope springing eternal!

Lane, that sort of dreamland is tailor-made for you.

Don't forget to bring your dad.