Johnny Who? McCarron's Performance More Heisman Worthy

Published on 17-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Johnny Who? McCarron's Performance More Heisman Worthy

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is the Rodney Dangerfield of the college world.

In short, he doesn't get any respect at all.

Despite leading his team to victory Saturday over the current Heisman Trophy winner, McCarron gets left off the front page.

It was you-know-who tossing for five touchdownsin a 500-yard performance that got all the attention, not McCarron's four-touchdown, no-interception day.

You-know-who had two very costly interceptions, which everyone has seem to forgotten. 

It was Ohio State quarterback Kenny Guiton who won the Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week award because he put up 368 yards against a weak Cal team.

It was Andy Murray of Georgia who was named first team pre-season All-SEC quarterback by the coaches despite the fact that McCarron had just beaten him eight months earlier. 

Yes, McCarron gets no respect at all, but he should. In fact, McCarron should.

  • Over the last two years, he has lost only  two games as a starter (28-2), to LSU and Texas A & M, and both games he avenged.
  • He has thrown 35 touchdown passes in his last 15 games, compared to just four interceptions.
  • He has nearly a 70% completion rate in most of the games he has played over that time,
  • He's won two SEC titles, and could well win a third.

Yes, the Heisman is only awarded to what a player accomplishes in one year, but based on McCarron's start to this season, he should be in the conversation.

Off the field, McCarron does charity work with sick children. 

Has you-know-who, Andy Murray, or Teddy Bridgwater come close to what McCarron has accomplished?

The answer would be no. 

McCarron is beloved by his coaches and fans alike because he isn't like everyone else, and soon enough, he knows that if he continues to play the way he played Saturday, it's going to be very difficult for the media to ignore all his accomplishments.