Jameis Winston Still Doesn't Get it

Published on 18-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Jameis Winston Still Doesn't Get it

We've  all met or still know people who just aren't the brightest lights in the world.

They'll say and do dumb stuff all the time. Try to talk to them, and they just don't listen.

I'm becoming convinced Jameis Winston is one of those people.

What in the name of all things Seminole was he going to expect after standing up in the student union and saying: "I f****d her in the p***y!"

Until yesterday, I had no idea that this was an internet joke that recently went viral. I will say this: when I heard it for myself and the context for which it was used, I thought it was funny.

But coming from a dude who's been accused of rape, it wasn't funny at all. It was stupid.

We still have excuse makers out there -- mainly Florida State fans -- who think the whole world is overreacting.

If this was his first incident, maybe. But this is a pattern. And I've come to this conclusion: the boy doesn't care, and why should he?

He has his parents, coaches, fans and friends making excuses for him. Hell, his coach didn't even suspend him; the school did. I'm sure his actions will help Florida State University while it's being investigated for violating Title IX laws due to his rape case. 

I even confronted ESPN college football analyst and Seminole alum Danny Kanell on Twitter about Winston and asked a pointed question as to to where the famous alumni mentors are and why they aren't talking to this kid.

His response was:

Danny Kanell exchange on Twitter

At least someone's trying.

Tweet wishing for Jacob Coker

Here's why Winston will have to start caring -- really caring -- about his actions. Three letters: NFL. His stock is dropping and dropping fast. With the way things are in the league right now, at the rate he's going, he may too toxic.

The NFL will have no choice but to implement tougher morals clauses in players' contracts, not to mention in their own actions.

Teams have found out the hard way that sponsors and fans aren't going to put up with players' personal issues anymore, including Winston's. In fact, especially including Winston's.

Jameis Winston needs to grow up, or he'll wind up out of the league before he even gets in it.

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