Jalen Adams Hits Miracle Buzzer Beater in OT, UConn Eventually Wins

Published on 11-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Jalen Adams Hits Miracle Buzzer Beater in OT, UConn Eventually Wins

It's no surprise that March Madness is already under way, since this is March.

However, the official March Madness doesn't begin until next week.

Just don't tell that to the UConn Huskies.

They're damn happy their own version started today, complements of freshman Jalen Adams.

Cincinnati's Calvin Johnson had just canned a trey with slightly under a second remaining in their American Athletic Conference quarterfinal, which seemingly locked up a three-point win and survival in the tournament.

But no:

No matter how you look at it, that was a dramatic moment, and just possibly a season-saver for the Boys from Storrs.

Talk about a pullback from disaster!

For the record, this wasn't anything new to Adams.

Three years ago in high school, dude's Cushing Acadamy was down by two to St Andrew's in the New England Prep championship game.

No prob:

Things were looking more grim than that for the Huskies with 0.8 seconds remaining.

Never fear:

Connecticut went on to claim the game in Overtime No 4, 104-97.

Unless they pull another rabbit or two out of their hat, though, they're still a bubble team. Right there with the snakebit Bearcats.