Jadeveon Clowney: A Victim of His Own Ego

Published on 10-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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Jadeveon Clowney: A Victim of His Own Ego

Wreckless driving.

Questionable work ethics.

An ego the size of Mount Rushmore.

These are major issues that are currently circulating around Jadeveon Clowney and that may ultimately have an adverse effect on his draft stock.

There's no denying his talent and ability to dominate whomever lines up against him. Clowney's overwhelming physical appearance is intimidating enough, but the way he overpowers his opponents is what attracts the NFL scouts.

This time last year, people were praising the sophomore for his uncanny abilities as a defensive lineman. Take into account South Carolina's bowl game last year. Clowney's hit on Vincent Smith, a Michigan Wolverine running back who might still be seeing stars.

At the time, this was evident enough that Clowney was the biggest and baddest defensive lineman in college football.

But that was last year.

The 2013 campaign has been completely different. Although still a spectacular player, Clowney's junior season has raised more red flags than positive feedback. NFL analysts as well as South Carolina staff have questioned his work ethic. If he chooses to play, he can be a handful. If he doesn't, his demeanor resembles the poor attitude of a Albert Haynesworth, someone with so much ability but a wishy washy desire to perform. Clowney can impose his will on anyone he chooses. The problem is, motivating a player who seems to dreaming about dollar bills to studying his opposition.

I don't think Clowney is taking this season seriously, and it might ultimately affect his status in the NFL draft. It's embarrassing not only to himself but to the people who surround him.He needs a mentor -- say, a Tony Dungy -- to light a fire under his butt and teach him how to properly conduct himself on and off the field.

And now, Clowney has just been cited for going 110 mph in a 70mph speed zone. Yes, I know he's 20 years old, and just like many 20-year-olds, he tends to act more wrecklessly than cautiously. However, as Clowney is under constant scrutiny for his allegedly poor character, this only adds fuel to the fire. He needs to know that this isn't acceptable by any means and that the only person he's hurting is himself.

Will NFL executives care about his recent shenanigans? Probably not. Clowney is a beast on the field, and the NFL is full of NFL general managers who have tunnel vision. An NFL franchise will most likely draft him in the Top 10 with the hopes of curtailing his foolish behavior.

Clowney needs to realize that humility is a characteristic that should be embraced. Arrogance might make him a solid NFL player, but he has the capability to be so much more. His career will solely depend on what he wants. As of right now, it seems that he just wants the instant fame, money, and limelight.

Grow up, Clowney. The NFL is where men are made, and you're just acting like a spoiled child.