Jackson State Plans on Suing Grambling

Published on 24-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Jackson State Plans on Suing Grambling

Grambling officials thought they had finally solved the issues that plagued their football program last week when players decided to forfeit their game against Jackson State.

Or so they thought.

Jackson State officials said today that they plan on suing Grambling for forfeiting their game last week. 

"The JSU family was damaged. Our Homecoming game draws tens of thousands of fans. The university intends to use litigation to be made whole for our direct and indirect financial losses," Eric Stringfellow, executive director of Jackson State University Communications, wrote in a statement.

As you may recall, GSU players decided to boycott the game against JSU last week because of players complaining about bad conditions and bad situations in which they were stuck.

Jackson State doesn't seem to be in a very understanding or forgiving mood. They claim to have lost millions of dollars, which they want to reclaim from a university that's already struggling financially to keep its own program afloat.

Makes plenty of sense, right?

My guess is what Jackson State really wants is for the Southwestern Athletic Conference to reimburse them for losses incurred. If they don't, the school officials probably told Grambling, "We’ll see you in court."

And Grambling thought last week was ugly. Keep it classy Jackson State.

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