It's Stanford vs Wazzu at Woodstock West

Published on 30-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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It's Stanford vs Wazzu at Woodstock West

Pullman's a continent and a few eras away from Max Yasgur's farm.

But Little Steven van Zandt notwithstanding, only one man can bridge that gap.


Not one for boring coachspeak quotes, Washington State Cougar coach/cult leader Mike Leach let it be known to ESPN's Game Day producers just what they're missing by not setting up shop in the Palouse:

Pullman is Woodstock

Of course it is.

  • This is the campus that designated the Eighth of May as National Outdoor Intercourse Day because that's the 69th of March.
  • And Woodstock happened in '69. Coincidence? Perhaps the Pirate thinks not.
  • This is a campus that Playboy once disqualified from its Top Party Schools list -- along with the University of Idaho, six miles away in Moscow -- because 'it's unfair to rank professionals with amateurs.'

Its ambassadors are everywhere, following in the legendary legacy of Tom Tuttle from Tacoma in Volunteers:

Putting Leach's observation in perspective, he did come to Pullman from Lubbock, of which he's been known to grind an ax on occasion.

So, Vive le Cougs and their happenin' campus!

Leach on Pullman

Ted Miller on Leach

Surely, there's no other place the Stanford Cardinal would rather be whilst engaging Leach's crew in a tussle for control of the Pac-12's Northern Division.

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The lovefest will be part of the Pac-12's notorious night schedule. That'll give everyone ample time to whip out those boda bags, bongs, and whatever else to partake of the experience.