Is It Time for the Ol' Ball Coach to Step Down?

Published on 23-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Is It Time for the Ol' Ball Coach to Step Down?

It's been a long year for South Carolina  head coach Steve Spurrier, and the football season is only halfway over.

Spurrier has had to deal with the Jadeveon Clowney situation and trying to get a beat writer fired. Worse yet, he's already lost to Georgia. And worst yet, he has an embarrassing loss to Tennessee.

Oh, and did we mention there were reports that he may have had a bit too much to drink during his coach's show a few weeks ago?

Yeah it's been that kind of year for Spurrier. 

Which made me wonder, has the game finally passed the OBC by?

When Spurrier arrived in the SEC back in the 1990's, he was a breath of fresh air.

He brought the SEC offenses out of the dark ages and proved to rest of the conference you don't only have to run and play good defense to win a championship.

The media was crazy about Spurrier because he was the guy every writer and broadcaster wanted to follow. He was funny, sarcastic, unapologetic, smart, and a winner.

Now, Spurrier just comes off as old and bitter. His jokes are no longer funny, but mean-spirited. His play-calling is questionable -- see last few minutes of the Tennessee game -- and he just seems like he doesn't want to be there any more.

This used to be the top dog in the SEC, but now it seems as if he's drowning at a second-tier SEC school, and it's not pretty. 

Spurrier at times looks like he'd rather be on the golf course than taking orders from the Gamecock administration, telling him to read an apology note to one of his players. 

Quite frankly, the Ol' Ball Coach  just looks past it. You have to wonder if this season is going to be the one that finally makes him put down his visor for good.