Is Florida State Football Officially Back?

Published on 8-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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Is Florida State Football Officially Back?

The Florida State Seminoles haven't been undefeated this deep into the season since its national title run in 1999.

With two wins over two Top Ten ACC teams within the last three weeks, the Noles are currently ranked No 2 in the BCS and have an inside track to play for the National Championship in Pasadena on 6 January.

However, with the unpredictability that is college footballl, anything can happen between now and January.

An overconfident and underprepared Florida State team could wind up taking a weaker opponent lightly, and maybe they already did, dodging a close call against Boston College. This sort of misstep, which seem to dog the Seminoles each season, could also cost them an opportunity to re-assert themselves as one of the most feared collegiate football programs to step on to the gridiron.

With this weekend's upcoming affair against Wake Forest, Florida State shouldn't take the Demon Deacons lightly. According to Bovada, the Seminoles are favored by 35½ points. The way pollsters eye spreads, that's the Noles' watermark if they don't want to lose ground to their pursuers in the BCS rota.

If Clemson wins out in strong fashion, Florida State's impressive road win against the Tigers looks better and better. That's huge, as strength of schedule could be the ultimate determinant for selection to the BCS championship unless a few upsets occur. And they probably will.

Oregon fell to Stanford last night, but most observers in the Pac-12 weren't surprised. Prevalent opinion was that nobody would emerge undefeated in that conference. Alabama has LSU this weekend, the Iron Bowl at season's end, and the SEC title game if they win those. The Seminoles' only chances to raise their scheduling element are against a crippled Florida team and whomever survives the chaos that is the Coastal Division in the ACC title game.

Regardless of how this season plays out, we Florida State fans believe we're witnessing a corner being turned. With top-notch talent and a dedication to preparation and discipline, Seminole Nation is excited about the future. Jimbo Fisher is starting ease the boosters', fans', and players' tensions by instituting a methodical modus operandi in the program.

What I've personally noticed is that there hasn't been any off-field incidents or distractions thus far.

So, hopefully, Florida State is on the threshold of regaining the prominence it enjoyed in the 90s, returning to relevance in what has lately been a lackluster ACC.