Irish Stifled by Duke; Will Still Play Balance of Season

Published on 24-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Irish Stifled by Duke; Will Still Play Balance of Season

Well, after watching Notre Dame lay eggs against Texas and Michigan State, who wouldn't think the well-paid brains in one of the South's most hallowed halls would take note of a trend or two?

Blue Devils coach David Cutcliffe and his venerable staff clearly zeroed in on the Fighting Irish's lack thereof in stopping their opponents.

Among the results:

  • QB Daniel Jones tosses for 290 yards and three touches on a 24-32 performance, and
  • Redeemed RB Jela Duncan slashes and burns for 121 yards on the ground and adds another touch.

Add it all together, and all Duke needed to complete a satisfying trip to South Bend was to pop a late-game field goal to secure a 38-35 victory:

What bright lights were observing Brian Kelly's squad during the pre-season and concluding they were a Top Ten team that had a shot at the playoffs?

How's the Irish record now at 1-3 for a cred hit for those pre-season pollsters?

Of course, it just couldn't be Kelly's fault for allowing the Blue Devils their first win over Notre Dame since 1958, which was the only other season the Dookies managed one.

That's why they didn't change anything for this game.

Despite all Kelly's rants, though, there's probably gonna be only one difference next week: opponents.

That would be Syracuse, home of a highly respected Department of Communications that produces nationally-renowned sportscasters left and right.

Like the ones who keep voting in the Top 25 polls.