Iowa State Coach Goes HAM on Officials after Texas Game

Published on 4-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Iowa State Coach Goes HAM on Officials after Texas Game

If you didn't watch the Texas vs Iowa State game last night, you missed a doozy.

For two teams who are near the bottom of the Big 12 Conference, they put on one hell of a show. 

There were Hail Marys, long touchdowns, and quick lead changes. 

But the game itself wasn't the major headliner. It was the bad officiating by Big 12 refs who may have caused Iowa State to lose the game.

The Cyclones were leading by six, 30-24, in the game's waning minutes with Texas driving to take the lead. The Longhorns fumbled the football, but the officials missed the call and gave Texas the ball back. Then, the Longhorns fumbled the ball again, got the ball back again, and scored to take the lead.

They would punch the ball in, convert the PAT to win, and set the stage for Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoades went HAM on the officials after the game.

The way the refs officiated this game, you'd think Nôtre Dame was playing Iowa State than Texas!

Meanwhile, Texas fans aren't going to fool themselves with the way their team managed this victory. Especially with Oklahoma on the horizon.

Anyway, if you missed Rhoades's rant, you missed some quality entertainment. It was must see TV. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure: