Huskies Take a Bite Outta the Apple; Win Pac-12 North

Published on 26-Nov-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Huskies Take a Bite Outta the Apple; Win Pac-12 North

Style points.

Of course the Selection Committee says they don't factor into their decisions as to who makes the Featured Four.

But if that's true, why didn't they just stick with computer printouts and standings as the determining criteria?

Human overseers allow for a fudge factor in their precious formula, perhaps so the perceived right teams get into the bracket. And if perception is a possibility, then style points are present.

So the Washington Huskies piled up a few of them in their 45-17 dismantling of the potent Washington State Cougars in the 109th Apple Cup:

The Huskies still may need to plead the SECth to avoid self-incrimination over their cupcake non-conference schedule.

But the fact remains, they took on four of the Pac-12's prolific offensive machines -- Wazzu, California, USC, and Utah -- and prevailed in three of them.

Next test: the Pac-12 Championship game in Santa Clara, against either Colorado -- if they beat Utah on Sun 27 Nov -- or the Trojans in what'd be a must-see return match.

Meanwhile, this result tosses another log on the Big Ten fire.

In order to maintain control over its own destiny, Ohio State's gotta topple Michigan and then hope Sparty pulls one out of its helmet in Happy Valley.

Buckeye coach Urban Meyer is surely aware Michigan State's looking at a tall order ...

Michigan State vs Penn State Bovada

... so if he's got any chance at all of pulling away from the Wolverines, he'll be chasing style points.

Afer all, barring weirdness in other games, that's the most likely way a non-division winner -- let alone not winning the Big Ten -- with two losses has a shot at making the CFP bracket.

On the bright side, Ohio State's the right kinda team.

If push comes to shove, the Buckeyes have a shot of taking advantage of a scenario the Selection Committee's mandate was allegedly designed to eliminate.