Huskers v Gophers BTN Broadcast Goes VR

Published on 10-Nov-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Huskers v Gophers BTN Broadcast Goes VR

Week 11 features one game that will command much of the nation's attention.

Washington and USC will draw notice, too.

However, those who bought a ticket for their game at Husky Stadium will get the same dose of football reality that fans attending games across the country will get.

But only fans tuning in to the Minnesota at Nebraska tilt will experience what it's like to kinda be there.

Go get 'em, Voke, and thank you, Big Ten Network.

Here's what it means:

  • Voke will have four 189ª cameras installed at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, and
  • Augmented graphics and live audio will be at the viewers beck and call.

Here's what's needed:

There's no better way to recover from a negative development that moving forward in a positive manner.

That's something where both the Cornhuskers and Golden Gophers can relate.