Huskers Learn of Pelini Dumping Digitally

Published on 30-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Huskers Learn of Pelini Dumping Digitally

No word if Bo Pelini got unfriended.

But news that the now former Nebraska football coach got canned was announced to the team in a manner so 21st century.


Moderately passé, yes, but somehow, Snapchat just wouldn't have been appropriate.

Both tacky and sad, really. But here's what's really tacky and tragic:

Faux Pelini is now in flux.

Faux Pelini

Here's irony. Frank Solich was the last consistently winning coach Nebraska had. He got the boot because he only won 75% of his games:

The Cornhuskers entered an era of darkness between Solich and Pelini. They're on notice.

Faux Pelini 2