Husker Rung Up for One too Many Huskings

Published on 28-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Husker Rung Up for One too Many Huskings

The Weird Story of the Week Award -- so far anyway -- goes to Nebraska defensive end Avery Moss, who was kicked off the team recently for indecent exposure.

According to a police report, Moss exposed himself to another Nebraska student who worked inside a  residence hall convenience store back in 2012.

Moss pleaded no contest to the charges. He says that although he is no longer on the team, he still wants to finish getting his degree and graduate.

When asked about the recent events, head coach Bo Pelini referred all inquiries to the university administration, meaning basically, 'I had nothing to do with it, so don't ask me, ask them.'

As if Pelini didn't have enough to deal with this past season. 

What is it with players exposing themselves these days? First Kellen Winslow, and now this.

Of course, it's an issue that is more widespread than just the sporting world, with the causes still being studied. Most of those being considered are quite sad, often pointing to trauma such as the offender being abused himself as a child. Clearly, it's a form of mental illness that must be controlled, but like most forms of addiction, is much easier said than done.