Kevin Sumlin Pulled a Steve Spurrier on Steve Spurrier

Published on 30-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Kevin Sumlin Pulled a Steve Spurrier on Steve Spurrier

Is it too late to take back my predictions for the SEC West?

After watching Texas A&M demolish South Carolina, I've got an upon further review of my own.

A&M did to the Gamecocks what Steve Spurrier's Florida Gators use to do to their opponents: dominate. Kevin Sumlin, quarterback Kenny Hill, and company put it on the Cocks eary and often.

Spurrier admitted what we all saw. His team was outcoached and outplayed.

The Gators of the 90s showed no mercy to their opponents, and last night at least, neither did the the Aggies. Almost every time A&M touched the ball, the scoreboard lit up. Anybody who thought they'd have a Johnny Football hangover was dead wrong.

Hill threw for over 500 yards and broke Manziel's passing yardage record, Dude made it look easy. Too easy. And to think the Aggies have the nation's top QB recruit in their pocket! Sumlin said the competition for starter was so close, Hill got the nod because of his year of experience with the offense. So if Hill goes sour or gets hurt, don't expect A&M to skip a beat.

The Gamecocks had no answer in any aspect of the game. Which made me question, has the game passed Steve Spurrier by?

Kevin Sumlin is what Steve Spurrier use to be. Up and coming. He basically made Spurrier look old. 

Hell, even Tim Tebow did a better Steve Spurrier than Spurrier last night.

For all the success he has had, Spurrier has only won one national championship and has yet to lead South Carolina to an SEC title.

Maybe if spent less time worrying about what's going in Tuscaloosa and more about this game, his team might have had a chance.

Could be another explosive season for Aggie Nation.