Houston Smacks Louisville Right into the Whatever Bowl

Published on 18-Nov-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Houston Smacks Louisville Right into the Whatever Bowl

Tom Herman's Cougar crew was totally done in by its lack of depth this season.

But when that bunch is healthy, it's a thing to behold.

Unless, of course, you're the Louisville Cardinals.

Their campaign this year has constantly hovered in the Clemson-wannabe range, and for those too myopic to see what even the venerable Daily Player 12 has shown to date, Houston has done its duty by helping them all pull their heads out.

Gotta know the AAC loved putting that highlight package together.

And, pulling out the ol' sledgehammer yet again, there's truth to what Old School contends, that you are what your schedule says you are, ie- eye test, schmeye test!

The Cardinals have done enough to be a second-place team in a Power Five conference division, and that's it.

Yes, they're in first by a half-game right now, but that'll change unless Clemson reverts to a tradition they think they've buried.

So all this silly talk about a two-entry ACC ticket has been laid to rest, as it was destined to be.

Now, all that's left is for the Law of What's Right, Dammit to work its karma on the Big Ten, as it most likely will.

Meanwhile, the Big XII's Sooners and Mountaineers just sent out for some more popcorn.

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