Houston Can't Handle Navy's Option, Opts Out of Playoffs

Published on 9-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Houston Can't Handle Navy's Option, Opts Out of Playoffs

Coaches have pounded it into their players' minds for years.

How you practice is how you play.

So when an opponent comes along whose system is difficult for a scout team to emulate, practices that week aren't always gonna prepare the starters for what's coming.

It's one reason why the Navy keeps its hybrid wishbone around. It woulda been enough to put a tear in the late Emery Bellard's eye.

Yesterday, it certainly did for the Houston Cougars and everyone hoping they'd crash the CFP bracket:

That took care of 1000 words on Houston's playoff chances.

How did the Navy march through a Houston defense -- 306 yards, to be exact -- that sufficiently stopped the likes of Oklahoma and Cincinnati?

A hint was provided by Coach Ken Niumatalolo at game's end:

Damn. The Cougs never had a chance.

Back in 1984, the Middies were 3-5-1 and still knocked off No 2 South Carolina and Heisman winner George Rogers.

Not sure how they celebrated that glorious occasion, but they're going full furlough on this one:

Navy tweet re school's out

In a sense, so are the Cougars. Against their will.