Houston Booms Sooners; Ready to Wreak Havoc on Selectors

Published on 3-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Houston Booms Sooners; Ready to Wreak Havoc on Selectors

To those who believe that the FBS reacts more slowly to logic than politicans do to global warming ...

The Houston Cougars are your champion de l'année.

To the Big XII, whose navel-gazing over expansion is obscured by self inflicted lint ...

The only reason you don't take Houston is self-serving hypocrisy.

So, full marks to Big Game Bob and his expansion-forcing prez for taking the TV money and opening the 2016 season with Tom Herman's wunderkinder:

It wasn't the most entertaining game of Week 1, but it was the most electric and featured what Houston fans hope will be the Cougars' season-defining play:

To be clear, Oklahoma didn't exactly roll over in this one.

Maybe Taylor Mayfield got outplayed by Greg Ward Jr, but dude had his moments, like this 64-yard scoring play to Mark Andrews in a punch-&-counterpunch first half:

Whether or not Houston's got the depth to complete the shocking season that Other Five fans want is still up for grabs, but their front-line talent is on a par with any other playoff contender.

Besides Ward and Brandon Wilson, consider WR Linell Bonner:

That set up a 47-yard field goal close the half with Houston grabbing a 19-17 lead.

It set the stage for Wilson's kick-six to set the tone and for the Cougars to set up their season.

If they run the table, that'll force the Selection Committee to make an obvious choice. And face it, that's all they -- or any other predetermined poll -- should have to do ... if there were enough playoff slots to go around.

Maybe pissing off two Power Five champions in the same season will cause their cartel to open up the playoffs to at least eight contenders sooner rather than later.

In that respect, Go Houston!