Honey Badger + Drugs = Frequent Flier Program

Published on 12-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Honey Badger + Drugs = Frequent Flier Program

They say confession is good for the soul and it's obvious that former LSU kick returner/defensive back Tyrann Mathieu (aka the Honey Badger) has taken that to heart.

Mathieu, who is trying to get drafted into the NFL, was asked by several coaches in the league about his drug use, referring to his testing history.

"I quit counting at 10. I really don't know," he replied.

So let me get this straight. This guy failed 10 or more drug tests? Really? My question is, how did he play on Saturdays if he was that high? 

Drugs don't exactly get out of your system quickly. My other question is, does LSU not pay attention to its drug policy?

Obviously, Les Miles and/or his superiors believes 10-strikes-and-you're out is a gray area.

What does the NFL think about all of this? Well, one coach was quoted as saying that he blames the coaching staff at LSU for not caring enough about the kid. As if they'll care more in the 'it's only a concussion' NFL!

It must take one to know one, as the observation is obviously true. But isn't it ironic that playing Mathieu really didn't make a difference? Especially in the national championship game against Alabama in 2012, a game in which Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron torched Mathieu on several pass plays that effectively ended any talk about him winning the Heisman or being a first round draft choice.

Wonder now if all this was worth it to Les Miles, especially knowing what he knows now?

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