Herbstreit Calls Tide Offense Scary

Published on 26-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Herbstreit Calls Tide Offense Scary

In case you didn't get the memo, Lane Kiffin is back, at least for now.

If any of you watched the Alabama game last Saturday, you noticed an improvement in the Crimson Tide's offense

Nationally, Nick Saban's team is now sixth in total offense, 12th in passing offense, and 21st in overall scoring.

Not bad for a guy some thought to be washed up.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit said this about the Tide offense and Kiffin's impact:

I think Alabama -- what Lane Kiffin has done with their offense -- I think it's fascinating. All the Alabama fans and SEC fans when Lane Kiffin got hired [said[ "Nick Saban had the audacity to bring in Lane Kiffin to Tuscaloosa."

Now, they've never seen an offense like what they've seen so far with an inexperienced quarterback like Blake Sims. I've had head coaches and defensive coordinators I've talked to in the last week say, "This is scary now," and "Now it's officially scary," because Nick's always won with defense and being tough and physical on offense with a good running game, but the scheme and the athletic ability they have at running back and receiver is frightening.

Herbstreit is right. When word got out that Kiffin was going to be the OC, shock and dismay came from not only SEC fans, but Bama fans, as well. I'll admit, I was worried too. Saban never was, and said Kiffin is the sort of dude who does the stuff he's been seeking all along.

Saban continued the conversation of his decision to hire Kiffin as one of his comments prior to his annual appearance at the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham:

Kiffin didn't forget how to coach. He just didn't have the weapons around him like he does now.

Or perhaps it's better state that he's proven himself as an OC and, to date, the head coaching role has been beyond him.

However, if it so desires, that's a bridge Alabama can consider crossing another day.