Golson's Now a Nole

Published on 19-May-2015 by zbasu

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Golson's Now a Nole

This transition can only have escaped the agate type because Notre Dame and Florida State are involved.

And the fact that it's a quarterback making a move.

Because, really, what's Everett Golson done? As in, like, done?

That is, besides making the big decision to return to Notre Dame. Let's rewind the spin machine to last September and put it into the context of what's happening today:

Getting his patootie pounded by Alabama in the 2013 title game served to amplify the point that Notre Dame's season up to then was basically a stat-padding exercise. In fact, the best that could be said about the Irish performance is that it accelerated the conversation about creating a better way to ensure quality teams vie for the national championship.

And create they did.

Golson's quarterbacking promise and questionable off-the-field history will help fill the void left by Heisman winner and notorious crab-leg afficionado Jameis Winston, the No 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft despite his antics.

Ten other Seminoles were selected in the draft besides Winston, likely one of the reasons Golson has decided to join the team; Notre Dame only managed to produce one NFL draftee.

Beyond the weather, Golson's biggest challenge in transitioning to Florida State will be learning to operate in a more pro-style offense, unlike the spread that he and Brian Kelly ran at Notre Dame.

The hard fact is, Golson wouldn't be going if he was -- hands-down -- the Irish starter in 2015, especially after those spear-in-the-ground statements being tossed around prior to last season.

This move has all the trappings of Tim-Tebow-to-the-Jets. It's now up to Golson to prove differently.

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