Golson Ain't Golden Yet

Published on 6-Feb-2014 by Coach

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Golson Ain't Golden Yet

Everett Golson is back at Nôtre Dame.

The Fighting Irish scored well among the recruiting rankers for pulling in a solid class of commitments, but their biggest acquisition is Golson, who was banished for a year due to 'academic improprieties,' which is their sugar-coated way of saying he got caught cheating on exams.

As noted, the former quarterback led the Irish to the National Championship game against the University of Alabama two seasons ago, where the Tide steamrolled all over the Irish.

But Golson's history and performance is just that; in the past. 

Irish coach Brian Kelly says that the he will not simply hand out the starting job and that Golson will have to win the job over returning Malik Zaire, who did not play a snap in 2013. Expect a heated competition between these two. In Golson's only season with the Irish, he may as well have been the living definition of game manager, throwing for 12 touchdowns and 2405 yards with a shade under 59% completions. 

The Irish have plenty going for them, and a familiar quarterback might give them an extra blessings come game day.

But if I were a betting man, which I am, I'd say Zaire would be the frontrunner here.