Georgia State Making a Splash

Published on 28-Jul-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Georgia State Making a Splash
Georgia State decided to show its balls instead of its claws.
In the school's  first season as a member of the FBS, the Panthers wanted to make their presence known to all.  
Instead of the same old release to  the media, they did something truy unique that sets them apart from any other program.
The Panthers got inventive and hid the new design behind a puzzle. Each piece was removed hour-by-hour over two days as fans powered the process through social media. Shades of Major League!
Their new look is classic but bold -- and providees room for a plethora of amalgamations.
Their kit includes two additional pants to go along with a second helmet (revealed during spring practice). They will have the choice of their traditional blue helmet with the GSU logo on the side and an anthracite-colored helmet with the script Panthers as the logo.   
The gear comes from the new Nike Pro Combat jersey collection, which will allow better comfort by conforming to the body while still providing the performance players are accustomed to. 
They'll debut their first combination at their season opener on 30 Aug at home in the Georgia Dome against Sanford.
And yes, that's Sanford.