Georgia Coach Injures Own Player during Celebration

Published on 15-Nov-2015 by Raoul Duke

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Georgia Coach Injures Own Player during Celebration

There are countless differences between college football and the professional version.

One is the genuine enthusiasm exhibited by both players and coaches.

Obviously, professional football players get emotional, but the nature of the college game lends itself to sometimes embarrassing demonstrations of joy.

And in the truth is stranger than fiction department, this phenomenon was on full display Saturday in the SEC.

Georgia and Auburn were locked in a tight, low-scoring affair late in the third quarter when the Bulldogs' defense forced a punt. A chaotic sideline celebration ensued, complete with the usual shenanigans.

However, this particular scene included a Georgia assistant coach slapping Bulldog Rico McGraw in the helmet, a blow that literally brought the player to his knees.

Have a look.

Comical? Yes. Clearly accidental? Of course.

But it's also disturbing when you consider the growing concerns regarding concussion protocol and the lingering effects of getting hit in the head repeatedly. The risk of injury on the field is already alarmingly high without having to worry about protecting yourself from an over-exuberant assistant coach on your own sideline.

Fortunately for all concerned, McGraw was fine and returned to the game shortly thereafter.

The Bulldogs eventually defeated the Tigers, 20-13. Meanwhile, the assistant coach in question is probably fired up about something else at the moment. We can only hope he is acting appropriately in the context of his surroundings, as opposed to jumping up and down while laying hands on people at a restaurant or place of worship.

This leader of young men should probably dial down his act a bit. During the Auburn game, he was at 11.

Perhaps a seven or eight would be in order, just to be safe.