Gator QBs: One Messed-Up Crew

Published on 8-Oct-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Gator QBs: One Messed-Up Crew

What are they putting in Gainesville's Swamp water these days?

First, they treat a 10-9 gong show over Tennessee like you couldn't spell Citrus without UT, when the reality is the Vols will gladly donate any letters they have just go get into a bowl.

Then, the Gators discover backup QB Treon Harris -- obiously not one to read headlines -- is being investigated for sexual assualt. That put him on the shelf while the hints and allegations get sorted.

For all we know right now, that just might be Harris's career. He'd seemingly ascended to the starter's role after the Vols game, too.

And if that wasn't bad enough, campus police then catch another Florida QB duking it out with a teammate behind the bleachers. This one was Skyler Mornhinweg, son of New York Jets OC and former Detroit Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg. At least no charges were filed.

What a time for an angry LSU squad to show up on the schedule. The Bayou Bengals will visit the Swamp this weekend, badly in need of their first SEC win of the season.

Frankly, if ever there was a time for Jeff Driskel to turn into Mr Hyde, it's on Saturday.

Well, it's there to be done. And if Driskel doesn't do it, and Harris gets charged -- and who knows where Mornhingweg stands? -- it's still a long way before Eastern Kentucky pops up on the schedule.