Former Tennessee QB Accuses Vandy Players of Rape

Published on 10-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Tennessee QB Accuses Vandy Players of Rape

A few weeks ago, Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin suspended four players from his football team.

Until now, this story has pretty much gone under the radar.

But now it's now, and what do you know? Another scandal from SEC country.

According to former Tennessee quarterback and talk show host Erik Ainge, the reason why the players were kicked off the team was because of allegations of rape.

Ainge didn't name names, but that was the only thing he held back. He accused one of the players of allowing his fellow teammates to rape his girlfriend.

"They were out," Ainge said, "they were drinking, [the] boyfriend Vandy football player had sex with his girlfriend, then allowed his three teammates with him to also have sex with his girlfriend, and she did not want that to be the case."


Apparently, what Ainge is saying is not just a case of him messing with his rival this time around, as opposed to his comment about hurting Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into these allegations.

And this is the guy rationalizing Mark Sanchez' butt-dancing behavior.

He's becoming as much of the story as the foghorn fodder he finds, which no doubt pleases him no end.

The Germans call it schadenfreude -- taking pleasure in someone else's pain -- and Ainge seemingly has enough of it to shamelessly jack his ratings.