Former SEC QB Blasts Former School

Published on 29-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Former SEC QB Blasts Former School

Like his Green Bay Packin' brother Aaron, Jordan Rodgers has no problem expressing his opinions, and he did just that on Twitter the other day about his former school, Vanderbilt.

Rodgers blasted Vandy over its lack of support of former players -- like him -- when they wouldn't allow him in its new practice facility.

Rodgers was the starting quarterback under former head coach James Franklin who's now a back-up in Tampa. He posted these comments on Twitter before taking them down. 

Jordan Rodgers tweets 1

Jordan Rodgers tweets 2

Jordan Rodgers tweets 3

Jordan Rodgers tweets 4

Jordan Rodgers tweets 5

Whoa! Good thing Herman Melville didn't have to write on Twitter!

You think Rodgers was just a little bit angry? But he's right. He's a former player who helped the program get to a higher level. And they treat him like this?

Do you think Alabama, LSU, Florida State, or the Oklahomas of the world treat their former players like this?

Rodgers is volunteering his time to help other players get to the NFL, and the school can't let him use the practice facilities?

Vanderbilt may be one of the most exclusive universities in the nation, but this goes beyond the pale. I wonder what the athletic department's lucrative alumni fund will think of this when Rodgers and other high earners scale back or cancel their donations to the cause?

That may have a much, much larger impact on the balance sheet than the addition of a few piddling usage fees.