Former FAU Coach Wants His Job Back

Published on 7-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former FAU Coach Wants His Job Back

Remember when we reported last week that Florida Atlantic coach Carl Pelini resigned amid drug allegations?

Well, guess what? He wants his job back.

According  to a story from ESPN, Pelini said he was forced to resign

He even denied using drugs and said the forced resignation was for other reasons. 

"Denial of illegal drug use was irrelevant because I was being relieved of my duties for failure to supervise my staff." Pelini said.

He also said he "had recently become aware of a personal relationship between a staff member and a person close to the athletic department. The relationship, to my knowledge, did not involve illegal drug use or any other illegal activity."

Umm, coach, our understanding is you resigned cause you were caught using drugs by an assistant on your staff.

In fact, FAU athletic director Pat Chun confirmed that point. He said Pelini voluntarily resigned and even signed documents confirming that to be the case.

Why would Chun insist that Pelini resign unless he had some good dirt on him? He probably gave him a hard option: either quit and the university won't press charges or get fired and risk going to jail.


Chun says that when school officials asked Pelini to help with the investigation -- which included taking a drug test -- he declined.

So, in basic terms, it here's what it looks like to casual observers: Coach, if you didn't do anything wrong, why not help clear your name? Oh yeah, that's right; because it's more than likely you did something illegal.

Sounds to me like Pelini is gearing up for a legal battle so he can get the remaining contract money that's owed to him.

But if the reports are true, he doesn't have a crack pipe ... I mean, a leg to stand on.