Former FAU Coach Pelini Has a Drug Problem

Published on 3-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former FAU Coach Pelini Has a Drug Problem

As we reported Thursday, former Florida Atlantic head coach Carl Pelini resigned because of his alleged drug use.

Well, we can take alleged off those charges.

According to court documents, Pelini and his assistant were doing not only marijuana, but cocaine within the last year.

Florida Atlantic defensive line and special teams coach Matt Edwards, who turned the pair in to FAU officials, signed affidavits to this effect. So did Allison Stewart, who is described by a Florida newspaper as someone very close to the program.

Pelini issued a statement apologizing for what he said was "poor judgment."

Poor judgment?

Poor judgment is not locking your car doors and leaving it running while going into the grocery store. Not taking drugs.

What was Pelini thinking? In fact, was he thinking at all? He not only embarrassed himself, but the school he was representing and his family name.

Poor judgment doesn't begin to describe what Pelini has done. How about stupid and selfish move, coach?

By the way, the Owls beat bowl-bound Tulane yesterday, too.