Former Bama Player Involved in Probe

Published on 12-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Bama Player Involved in Probe

Great! Just what Nick Saban needed three days before the "Game of the Century" ...

As his team approaches the college sports distraction of the centrury, aka Johnny Football, he'll now have to answer questions regarding one of his former players taking benefits.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported that former Alabama guard DJ Fluker had taken improper benefits from an agent.

The report states that Fluker and his family may have taken almost $45,000 from agents during the 2012 season, and there is allegedly proof along with the knowledge that several other players from Mississippi State and Tennessee did the same thing.

But, before everyone starts jumping to conclusions -- or in this case jumping for joy (I'm looking at you, Auburn fans!) -- the one thing we've learned over the past few years is that if no one talks, there is no case.

The reason why Johnny Manziel didn't get nailed for signing autographs is because no one talked to the NCAA. The reason why, after 16 months, that Auburn didn't get in trouble over the Cam Newton situation is that no one talked.

On the opposite end of this, reason why Miami got busted is because someone talked. The reason why Reggie Bush got USC in trouble is someone talked.

The other problem would be this: Did any of the coaching staff know about this? Assistants at Miami and USC knew about their situations, which made it worse. The Oklahoma State situation -- if accurate -- regarding what involvement an assistant coach may have had, is still pending.

The way the NCAA works these days, does anyone really think they will nail a cash cow like Alabama? Say what you want about Lane Kiffin's coaching, "nailing" USC was the key factor in the damage done to their program. Yes, Ohio State's transgressions didn't involve as much money, so their penalty was less severe than that of the Trojans. I doubt the NCAA would want anything more serious than that to happen in Tuscaloosa.

So, until then, college football fans will be waiting with bated breath to see if anything comes of this.

But just bate it, don't hold it.