Florida State QB Being Investigated for Sexual Assault

Published on 13-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Florida State QB Being Investigated for Sexual Assault

Things have been going so well for the Florida State football team, but this story has the potential to derail their season.

According to reports from TMZ, Seminole quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated for a 2012 sexual assault on a woman.

Here's what the TMZ report says:

Law enforcement and other sources tell TMZ … a woman filed a sexual assault complaint with the Tallahassee PD on December 7, 2012. She claims the alleged sexual assault was committed with the use of 'physical force.’

According to the police report, the motive for the alleged crime was “sexual gratification.” The alleged victim says drinking was involved before the incident.

If this account is true, Winston's career at Florida State could be over, and the Seminoles would be all but dead in the water in their quest for a BCS national championship.

However, consider the source. TMZ's job is to be out there, and while it has yet to delve into breathless reports of flying saucers molesting grandma and the Sasquatch being recruited by Nick Saban, TMZ sometimes has to stretch things a bit to connect the dots.

But we all know things like this will either play out one of two ways:

  • If there's due cause to charge Winston, he won't be arrested until after the season is over, or
  • The woman may be lying on the kid, and the police are just trying to gather enough information to clear his name.

It's strange, though, that this story is just now being reported.

Until now, Winston has been touted as having Manziel skills without the Manziel drama. If this story does start to snowball, it remains to be seen if the Noles' freshman sensation can compartmentalize as well as the Texas A&M headliner, keeping off-the-field shenanigans off the field.

Still, this is not what the Seminoles needed as they march their way through the rest of the season.