Florida State Investigating Winston Rape Case ... Again

Published on 5-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Florida State Investigating Winston Rape Case ... Again

Don't think Big Brother has taken eyes off citizen sister.

The Florida State administration and/or athletic department -- whichever really runs the show down in Tallahassee -- just re-discovered that fact.

The Feds are forcing them to reopen the rape investigation against Seminoles quarterback and relief pitcher Jameis Winston from the Title IX angle.

Join along and count how many policies the school's been ignoring during all this:

Florida State officials have finally interviewed the alleged victim in this case, which is something they didn't do when it came up last year. Until now, this was kind of like someone ignoring that envelope that looks like a bill for something he or she doesn't want to pay. Most would call this a truly irresponsible course of action.

The Feds take a dim view of that approach, so they cited Title IX and said Florida State was in violation of them by not interviewing the victim last year. 

Now, she's being represented by John Clune, an attorney who specializes in Title IX cases. This has caused school officials to take the proceedings a bit more seriously than before. At least, that's Clune's impression:

They assured us that the Title IX process was going to move forward. The interview went pretty well. I think it was a positive experience, and everyone felt like the university was taking it very seriously

Clune also said that more information came from this interview than it did from the Tallahasse police department and that the two teammates who were with Winston the night of the incident had been interviewed. They're subject to further action, too, which will probably be no more than being placed on a university-mandated probation.

As to Winston, who knows?

So far, he's still wearing the Teflon that privileged people do in matters like this. No idea if that's going to change.

The true jerks at this point -- joining Winston in that status -- are the school officials themselves. The New York Times already established that the Tallahassee cops were Seminole fans first and foremost, but what lessons are the school officials teaching their students?

OK, that's a rhetorical question.

In the meantime, just keep chuckin' 'em, Jameis. Looks like your best defense is a good offense.