Florida State and North Carolina Each Drop 80 on Woefully Outmanned Opponents

Published on 24-Nov-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Florida State and North Carolina Each Drop 80 on Woefully Outmanned Opponents

Sometimes the wide disparity in talent in college football can cause a game or two to get a bit out of hand.

This weekend provided numerous examples of the phenomenon, including not one, but two 80-spots.

Florida State enjoyed a respite from their ACC schedule -- which you'd think is soft enough -- to face the mighty Vandals of Idaho. The Seminoles pulled it out, 80-14, and all of Tallahassee breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Because both human and computer polls exist, style points are an actual item that is discussed and practiced. It obviously shouldn't matter whether Florida State beats Idaho 40-14 or 80-14. But alas, logic does not apply in BCS-land, so coaches are compelled to pour it on against inferior teams.

Of course, there were different circumstances attached to the North Carolina game. The Tar Heels are not trying to sway any type of vote and were only favored by 17; yet, they somehow scored 80 nonetheless and won by 60. This is not to say the Heels were attempting to run up the score and embarrass Old Dominion. These scores can happen so quickly in so many different ways that it can be difficult to control.

Perhaps there's some parallel universe where North Carolina is actually competing for a national championship in college football and needs to impress a group of sportswriters in an effort to improve their ranking, but to date, I'm not aware of such a place.

The Tar Heels did win their fifth game in a row, so that's good for them, and they improved to a robust 6-5 on the season, setting themselves up for a possible berth in the prestigious AdvoCare V100 bowl. Trust me, there is such a thing. That isn't a page from The Onion.

This game was something of a novelty in that it featured a seldom seen abbreviated fourth quarter, as the two sides mutually agreed to shorten it to 10 minutes. The Tar Heels scored all 80 points in the first three quarters and actually took a knee on a fourth and goal from inside the 10 late in the game.

How do you think that made Old Dominion feel?

Anyway, North Carolina’s previous high-scoring total this season was 45, so enjoy it, I guess.

As for Old Dominion, the Monarchs will become a full member of the FBS in 2015.

Oh, happy day.

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