FCS-Bound Vandals Out-Potato Colorado State, 61-50

Published on 23-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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FCS-Bound Vandals Out-Potato Colorado State, 61-50

Before passing away, Idaho's richest dude was JR Simplot.

Being the exlusive fries provider for McDonald's made him wealthy, which is understandable for a Gem State entrepreneur.

Ironically, though, it was a couple of geeks convincing him to seed their new tech company that ultimately made him a kajillionaire.

So, who needs potatoes?

That's a different question, of course, than who wants potatoes? And if it's this potato, the logical response would be Idaho's Vandals:

Dude's have only got one more bite at it, because after the 2017 season, they're gonna be the first FBS team to move down a notch to the FCS.

But, dammit, they're gonna go out in a blaze of glory:

Dude, let's go with linn-uh-han, since that's what his family does, including his dad Scott, who's become a hot commodity again as the Dallas Cowboys' OC.

Amazingly, this one was scoreless until the second quarter, so 111 points piled up in only 45 minutes of game clock.

After posting crazy-stats in the Potato Bowl, his kid also wants a second chance at the big time:

We know we can compete, we belong here. No matter what anyone thinks, even our tone-deaf president. Maybe he doesn’t think we belong here, but I think we belong here.

Chuck Stabben may or may not be a hit on the karaoke circuit, but dude's got a grip on the lay of the land:

It probably didn't help the Vandals' cause with the Mountain West that Boise State's become a mortal -- and influential -- enemy. The Broncos refuse to offer any ort of support by scheduling them.

Paul Petrino -- Bobby's brother -- has done an excellent job making the Vandals competitive. Frankly, he'll have his hands full in the Big Sky, currently dominated by giant-killer Eastern Washington. Greener pastures may beckon, but he seems quite at home in that quadrant of the nation.

For now, his goal is to have the Vandals' last FBS game be another bowl, keeping in mind that, aside from his explosive offense, potatoes don't hurt people.

People hurt people.