Famous Jameis Explodes onto the College Scene

Published on 3-Sep-2013 by Towner Park

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Famous Jameis Explodes onto the College Scene

Wow. Can someone say Johnny Manziel 2.0?

OK, I've obviously gone off the deep end, but Jameis Winston's college debut was simply amazing.

His accuracy against Pittsburgh Monday night was pinpoint, given his 25-for-27 completion rate. Even the two incompletions he was credited with were caught. His poise under pressure was veteran-esque.

For example, with Panther defenders bearing down on Winston, he merely stepped up in the pocket and lasered pinpoint passes to his receivers. I was unexpectedly impressed by his demeanor. He's rather humble for a guy who just notched five total touchdowns in his first collegiate football game.

What I truly envy about this kid is how focused he is. Winston enjoys playing fast, and that was exemplified by the way he went through his progressions. He makes quick but calculated decisions. Although I saw a few risky tosses, his overall effort and performance was one for the ages. No other FSU freshman quarterback has ever put up stats similar to what he did on Monday night.

Keep in mind, this was on the road. Listening to the commentary, one analyst said that this situation was absolutely perfect for him. Instead of trying to impress his fan base at Doak Campbell Stadium, he was given the opportunity to focus on himself, his team, and his offense. The pressure was less intense, it seemed, and he shined, shredding the Pitt defense with absolute precision.

I can't get too excited, being an FSU fanatic. This is a sample size of one. However, I couldn't be more happier for his performance and how the team responded and rallied around him. After one game, he's lived up to the hype as "Famous Jameis," but his true test will be in Death Valley when Florida State visits Clemson. There are now, quite definitely, high expectations for this kid, and hopefully, he'll come through and valiantly lead this team for the rest of his Seminole career..

Let's just hope the NFL doesn't lure him into the draft too soon. But then again, I'm getting ahead of myself. Jameis must continue to perform, but let's see how he reacts to adversity before FSU fans, especially me, get too excited about our freshman sensation.