ESPN Reports False Rumor on Clowney

Published on 12-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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ESPN Reports False Rumor on Clowney

Even before the kick-off of the South Carolina game, there were already rumors flying about Jadeveon Clowney. 

ESPN reported that Clowney did not ride the bus to the stadium with the rest of the team for today's game against Arkansas. That turned out to be false.

Later, ESPN GameDay host Chris Fowler had to apologize for the release of this unconfirmed and ultimately false information. But if that wasn't enough, on the same show, talk-radio talk host Paul Finebaum called out Clowney, to the dismay of the South Carolina Athletic Director.

Finebaum said that Clowney was the biggest clown in college football. (Hello! Have we all forgotten about Johnny Football so soon?). And not for the first time; all he needs is an opening, and then look at him go.

To which Gamecocks AD Ray Tanner remarked in regard to Finebaum and his quote: "unprofessional, unncessary and inappropriate."

Finebaum probably considers that a compliment from the AD and should pat himself on the back for getting exactly the kind of response he loves: a hostile one. 

Anytime Finebaum mentions a school's name or player, you know you have made it, so Gamecock fans should be proud that their program is indeed important if ESPN shock jocks resort to making up stories for the sheer headline value.