ESPN 30/30 Documentaries I'd Like to See Made

Published on 14-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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ESPN 30/30 Documentaries I'd Like to See  Made

ESPN doesn't do too many things right, but their zeitgeist-blind squirrels did find a few acorns with the 30/30 documentary series.

I said documentary series, not movies. Tripe like 3 about the late Dale Earnhardt and The Junction Boys about Bear Bryant's first team at Texas A&M weren't exactly hits. And that's being kind.

Seriously, with the subject matter and Paul Newman narrating, it took work to screw this one up:

And they must've hired the dude who wrote Josef Stalin's Soviet Vacation for this one:

Seriously. What was the point?

But I think most sports fans would agree that the 30/30 series is actually worthwhile. What with the fact they're charging me and each cable subscriber -- sports fan or not -- $6.04 per month for the privilege of having its programing available, I have a list of 30/30 documentaries I'd like ESPN to do in the future.

The Life and Times of Johnny Manziel ... Who doesn't want to follow Johnny Football for a week? Wouldn't you like to see what  he does, 24/7 -- excluding the bathroom breaks --especially during the offseason? Wait a minute. I think you can already do that. Still, all Johnny, all the time would be the highest-rated 30/30 ever.

A Portrait of Aaron Hernandez ... Now, CNN did do a special on him recently, but it wasn't even close to what ESPN could do on this. With the World Wide Leader's resources and proven ability to arrange college football matchups, they'd be perfect to, say, present both sides of the story to a jury of its choosing.

Donald Sterling: The Man, the Myth, the Racist ... Wouldn't you like to know what's really in the head of one Donald Sterling? I would. Mad men -- the people, not the series -- are always interesting to follow. And his schtick has stimulated the media sector's economy almost as much as Johnny Football.

Hey Girl! ... The story of Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury.  No explanation needed

The Big Time ...How cheating and corruption almost ruined college football before ESPN could get its hands on it.

ESPN may not use any of my ideas, but just in case they do, let me know. They may be tone deaf to the Prime Directive, but they do pay royalities.