Ducky Dynasty Gang Buys Rights to Independence Bowl

Published on 24-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Ducky Dynasty Gang Buys Rights to Independence Bowl

Are you ready for the Duck Dynasty Bowl?

If not, you'd better get ready. It seems the members of the Robertson family want to buy the rights to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport.

Yes, the Duck Dynasty crew wants to buy the naming rights to the Bowl and put it under their company name, Duck Commander.

The deal could last for six years and the bowl would be renamed the Duck Commander Independence Bowl.

The Robertsons have turned their duck calling business into  a true dynasty that's made them multi-millionaires. They make albums, appear on television commercials, and have other products, as well.

This also isn't their first foray into sponsoring sporting events. And why are we not surprised at this one:

If you don't watch the Robertsons' show on a regular basis, here's a glimpse of what's made it so popular:

As to the bowl itself, there are worse things to be called. The Weedeater Independence Bowl was evidence of that.

Now, if only one of the bowls in Louisiana could be sponsored by the Shrimp Guy: