Ducks Down Sun Devils when Little Piggies Go Unnoticed

Published on 30-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Ducks Down Sun Devils when Little Piggies Go Unnoticed

Pedicures pay.

Or maybe replay review doesn't.

Or maybe everyone should just accept that one play -- no matter how definitive -- is simply a lone factor in a game where an abundance of other opportunities to win exist.

And if that's the premise, no wonder the Pac-12 didn't include it in the highlight package of Oregon's 61-55 triple overtime point parade over Arizona State:

All the TV cameras covering this game, and we get are grainy repros. All that's missing is a dude on the grassy knoll:

Oregon TD in overtime

Still, Sun Devils kicker Zane Gonzalez missed three field goals -- including a 26-yarder -- and in a classic example of flaunting history, OC Mike Norvell dialed up the same sort of goal-line pass play that made the ending of Super Bowl XIX live in Seattle Seahawks infamy.

Butler interception

As a result, the team that made the most of its overall opportunities prevailed and thus survived in a conference that is the very essence of parity:

North       South    
Stanford ... 5-0 6-1   Utah ... 3-1 6-1
Washington St ... 3-1 5-2   UCLA ... 2-2 5-2
Oregon ... 3-2 5-3   USC ... 2-2 4-3
California ... 2-2 5-2   Arizona ... 2-3 5-3
Washington ... 1-3 3-4   Arizona St ... 2-3 4-4
Oregon St ... 0-4 2-5   Colorado ... 1-3 4-4

As it should be.