Do Noles Need to Take Remedial Twitter 101? @AskJameis

Published on 12-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Do Noles Need to Take Remedial Twitter 101? @AskJameis

The most troubling aspect of this entire episode is it happened in a college program.

And institute of higher learning.

Does Florida State need to include common sense in the job descriptions of dudes and dudettes it hires?

Who but an undercover Gator fan could have suggested that a real @askJameis Twitter account would be a great idea? And who in the sane world would think the Seminole sports information department would actually do it?

What was supposed to be a question and answer session with fans turned into a witty, sardonic bashfest against the only Heisman Trophy winner in history to shoplift crab legs.

Girl in Crab Costume

Fans from across the country took their shots at Jameis Winston. That happens when everyone outside the Florida State SID cubicles moved past the late Senator Ted Stevens' description of the Internet as a series of tubes.

Yes, we just did this, but a) it seems Seminole employees need a refresher course, and b) it never gets old.

Outside of the Seminoles fan base, it's obvious Winston is not well liked at all. Rumor has it, the dolt who started all of this no longer has a job. Big surprise there. He probably moved back to Gainesville and received some sort of award.

Maybe the Noles will learn from this and be strong enough not to do something this stupid again.

Take it away, Jameis. Figuratively speaking, of course.

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