Crashing CFP Contenders Creats More Bracket Chaos

Published on 23-Nov-2015 by Chips 10

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Crashing CFP Contenders Creats More Bracket Chaos

What with all the backloading in November, this was odds-on to be another wacky weekend.

And it proved yet again that no team is a lock for the Featured Four.

Clemson and Alabama would seem to be sitting pretty, but they both face rivalry games followed by upstarts in their respective conference title clashes.

So the CFP antipation level remains on high alert.

Clemson must've thought their schedule said Weak Forest based on the effort they showed at the beginning. It took a while for the alleged inevitable to happen:

The Tigers couldn't really have been looking ahead to a 3-8 South Carolina team, could they? Still, that in-state rivalry is all the Gamecocks have left to play for this season, after making The Citadel's. Sheesh. Could they have been looking ahead to Clemson? Of course!

As for CFP No 2 Alabama, after their usual November glorified scrimmage, the Crimson Tide players -- just like last year -- will soon get sick of Nick Saban & Staff pump them with how Auburn has what it takes to win the AFC South.

Then again, they probably do have what it takes to win the AFC South.

Meanwhile, up north, Ohio State can now add That Other School Up North to their silly lexicon list:

Putting it mildly, Buckeye RB Ezekiel didn't put it mildly:

Ezekiel Elliott tweet

And why apologize later? To show the NFL scouts he could go vanilla in a pinch?

Words are like bullets, dude. Once they're out there, stuff's gonna happen that can't be taken back.

Nothing was new in the Big XII, either. Contenders knocking each other off is what happens there.

Baylor knocked Oklahoma State from the ranks of the unbeaten as third string quarteback Chris Johnson came off the bench and led the Bears to a 45-35 victory.

The Bears, of course, were rebounding from that loss to Oklahoma, who had to stop a two-point conversion by TCU with three seconds left to hold on for a 30-29 victory.

The Sooners now go into Bedlam with the prospect of being without QB Baker Mayfied, who passed a concussion test but still may be held out as a precaution.

Finally, the team everyone but their fans and Clemson wants to lose at Stanford this coming weekend is Notre Dame. Based on their game at Fenway against Boston College, it's a definite possibility:

What's more, the Cardinal can be nails on The Farm.

Stanford still thinks they have a chance to sneak into the playoff, but they'll need a miracle because of their two losses. But right now, a few other clubs have joined them in hoping against hope. And the way this month is playing out, that's not a bad idea.